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Welcome to the new Caldor – where quality meets affordability. With a legacy of providing high-quality merchandise at discounted prices, the new Caldor blends modern trends with timeless values. From eco-friendly essentials and the latest technology to fashion for every body and local artisan treasures, we offer an array of products designed to enrich your lifestyle without emptying your wallet. Rediscover shopping pleasure with Caldor, where every visit brings home the quality and experiences the value.

Nasty Tricks Cards

1990 Nasty Tricks Cards + Stickers (2-Pack Lot)

Behold TWO (2) vintage wax packs hailing from the mystical times of the 1990s. Each mysterious sealed back protects 6 cards and 8 stickers, accompanied by a super ancient, possibly magical (don't chew it) stick of gum.In the pack we dared to unwrap, the ancient gum (please don't chew it) was nestled beneath wax sticker sheets, thus sparing the precious Nasty Tricks from its potentially destructive stickiness.

$9.99 + Free Shipping

Caldor Logo

Caldor Sticker

We were stuck on what to make for our first product. Yup, it's a sticker. You can buy it and stick it anywhere starting this spring.

$7.99 + Free Shipping

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